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Our Vitamins Booster Shots

B12 BOOSTER-----$45

Looking to boost your energy levels and support overall wellness? Look no further than our B12 Booster shots!


This powerful antioxidant is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting of harmful toxins in the body.

MEGA BURN-----$40

An easy and convenient way to support your weight loss goals and get the body you’ve always wanted. 


Elevate your energy levels with our supercharged vitamin Booster Shots packed with essential nutrients to help you power through your day.

CoQ 10-----$40

Maintain a sharp mind and a healthy heart with our CoQ10 booster shots. This essential nutrients supports cognitive function and cardiovascular health. 


Boost your immune and protect yourself from illness with our powerful immunity booster shot.


Our Anti-Ageing booster is specifically designed to support the body’s natural ageing processes, helping to reduce the effect of ageing in the skin, hair, and nails.

Our Vitamin IV Infusions

Myers Cocktail-----$275

Take your health to the next level with our Myers cocktail vitamin IV drip. This powerful blend of vitamins and minerals will help you feel your best and improve your overall wellness.

Athletic Recovery & Performance-----$275

Achieve optimal recovery and performance. Benefit from increased energy, endurance, faster recovery and more!

Immunity Boost-----$250

Are you looking for a powerful way to boost your immunity and fight off illness? Look no further than our specially formulated Immune Boosting Drip.

Menstrual Rescue-----$375

Replenish vitamins and minerals and experience quick relief from cramps, belly aches and generalized discomfort related to your monthly cycle Don’t be held back by menstrual pain. Take charge of your life with our IV infusion and attain wellness and comfort.

Beauty Glow-----$275

Unlock the secret to radiant, youthful-looking skin and healthy hair & nails, with our beauty-enhancing IV infusion drip.

Energy Boost----$250

Whether you’re feeling sluggish, run down, or just need a little extra boost to get through a tough workout, our Energy Boosting Vitamin IV infusion drip is the perfect solution.

Hangover Rescue-----$225

Are you feeling the effects of a wild night out? Revive and rejuvenate your body with our Vitamin IV infusion drip.

Migraine Rescue-----$335

Our cutting edge migraine therapy is formulated with vitamins minerals, anti- inflammatory and anti nausea medications. Eliminate constant headaches and welcome better quality of life.

Simply Hydration----$175

Revive and Rehydrate with the Ultimate Hydration Drip!

Prenatal Boost-----$250

Packed with essential nutrients for you and your baby, this powerful blend will support your immune system, boost your energy, and keep you feeling your best throughout your pregnancy journey.

Postnatal Boost-----$250

Specifically designed to help new moms replenish essential nutrients lost during this powerful blend will boost your energy, support your immune system, and promote overall wellness, so you can focus on what matters most-your new bundle of joy.


By promoting DNA repair and cellular rejuvenation, this powerful treatment will help you reverse the signs of aging and maintain optimal health and vitality.

Available Add Ons

Extra 500ml Hydration-----$39

Extra Glutathion-----$45

Extra Vitamin C-----$39




Extra B12-----$39


What to expect

Allow our team of expert RNs, Doctors and pharmacist to help you select the best treatment for you. We will obtain an accurate medical history.
Review medical history with you.

Perform VS: Temp pulse, respiration Bp and oxygen saturation. Infuse vitamins and minerals over 30-45 mins.

Experience the ultimate in convenience and comfort with In-home IV therapy

Drip infusions products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our services are intended for healthy adults only. Please consult with your physician before starting any program, as individual results may vary